by wrath of the weak

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released 17 October 2010

j - guitar, vocals, programming, noises

all music recorded and written 06/2010-08/2010



all rights reserved


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Track Name: "The sad truth, the dirty lowdown"
in these halls so quiet, inviting
one can get lost easily
if you please, maintain the silence that allows me to stay
power is out
lights are out
i hear your blood flow
Track Name: Three forty one
myths and legends lead me to visit the crossroads every night
we could make a deal with the devil to get ourselves out of this mess
no houses around to witness, no visitors to interrupt the bargain
a soul and a scribble of a name, and over a firm handshake it's done
Track Name: Sweet virgin summer
and the sun slows down
never to reach the horizon
this day will never end

and the moon opens wide
lighting all that's underfoot
this night will never end
Track Name: Function generator
out of the swamp
into the desert
towards the end
down the hole
and away ...

i beg of you
stay here with us
you can't leave
i know you won't

no one enters
no one leaves
no days pass
do you hear me
run away ...